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Blood Drive for Peyton

Peyton Smith was born Thanksgiving morning, 11/22/12 weighing in 7 lbs and 14 oz – just a doll.  She is the proud grand niece of brother Larry Mabra in Lewisville, Past Master of Lancaster Lodge No. 160 and a former DDGM for our own Michael Nanny.    Larry has asked for our help.

Peyton underwent a liver transplant January 6th and is recovering wonderfully here at Texas Children’s  Hospital- a real miracle in progress!    As expected, the costs are burying the Smith family – and that’s where we think we can help.

Here’s what she has required so far:

Red Blood Cells:  11,930 ml at 300 ml/unit – about 40 units total
Platelets:  811 ml at 40 ml/unit – about 20 units total
Plasma:  2,946 ml at 250 ml/unit – about 12 units
Cryoprecipitate:  270 ml at 12ml/unit – about 23 units

This blood drive will help offset the tremendous costs of this treatment –  We will schedule a group trip to the donor center.

Click here to sign up to offer a pint

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Peyton’s current status – here’s a Peyton’s mother’s latest Journal entry …

Written Feb 12, 2014 11:13pm by Jenny Smith

Peyton update: Today was a great day for P! She did not need dialysis for the second day in a row and she had three only tee tee diapers! They are hoping they can help her get rid of the extra fluid with meds while her kidneys continue to wake up. They’ll decide if she needs dialysis on a daily basis. They brought in an exersaucer and she sat up in mom’s lap, threw her blanket off, and pointed at it. She couldn?t wait to play! She spent a good hour playing in it and even did her OT in it. After that she was exhausted and took a great nap. We are thankful for a relatively quiet day and that she is continuing to progress. She is still retaining some fluid which can make it more challenging to breathe. We pray for her breathing rate to come down and for it to be easier for her to breathe. But the biggest answer to prayer came with the news that Ava will get to see Peyton on Sunday!!!!! We can’t wait for our whole family to be reunited. This is a huge answer to prayer. Love ya-Jen

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