Partial Masonic Glossary

Appendant Bodies –
Masonically affiliated groups that Masons or their relatives may join, such as the Scottish Rite, York Rite, and the Shriners.
Degree –
One of three progressive stages of advancement in the lodge, conferred using a ritual ceremony; additional degrees are conferred by appendant bodies.
Grand Lodge –
A governing organization with authority over the individual lodges in its jurisdiction.
Initiated –
The completion by a candidate of the 1st Masonic degree.
Masonic Lodge –
A group of Freemasons assembling under the authority of a charter issued by a Grand Lodge; also a building or a room where Masons meet.
Sitting in the East –
The position in the lodge room where the Worshipful Master sits, also known as the Oriental chair; lodges are symbolically situated east and west.
Speculative –
Freemasonry as practiced today, using the symbolism of Operative Masons to build character in men.
Worshipful Master –
The Worshipful Master is the president or currently sitting presiding officer of a masonic lodge.  The “Worshipful” in the title refers to his service to God and others, rather than referring to the lodges status towards him or his position.