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2019 Installation of Officers

On June 29, 2019, our PMs Roberto Sanchez and Richard Fawcett installed the elected and appointed officers of Gray Lodge for the 2019-2020 Masonic year:

Billy Moreno                Worshipful Master
Todd Smith                    Senior Warden
Erickson Ybarra        Junior Warden
Mark Herzog                Treasurer
Darrin Pitts, PM         Secretary
Doug Hissong, PM       Chaplain
Gary Wiener                 Senior Deacon
Steven Cobb                 Junior Deacon
Luiz Soriano                 Senior Steward
Scott Bulkley             Marshal
Brad Ledbetter          Master of Ceremonies
David Aguilar              Tiler

Our uninstalled officers are Scott Bulkley (Building Manager), Bill Bradford (IT and Webmaster), and Doug Hissong, PM (Lodge Instructor).

The officers extend special thanks to Al Florido, Junior Past Master, for his service to Gray Lodge over the years and especially last year; and to Kevin Roberts, PM, who created gorgeous new gavels for the three principal officers.  We hope all Brothers will join us in making the new Masonic year a historic one!

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