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Grand Master’s Proclamation: Limited Re-Opening of Texas Lodges

On March 21, M:W: Paul Underwood, Grand Master of Masons in Texas, issued a proclamation prohibiting all regular Texas Masonic Lodges and appendant bodies from conducting any Stated or Called Meetings until further notice. A copy of the March 21st proclamation can be found by clicking here.

On April 29, M:W: Underwood issued a second proclamation, permitting Lodges to resume labor in very limited circumstances:

  1. Commencing May 25, 2020, Lodges may hold stated meetings for the primary purpose of election of Lodge officers for the ensuing year. In addition, Lodges can conduct regular business appropriate to a stated meeting.
  2. Lodges may not have called meetings until further proclamation from the Grand Master, other than one Lodge of Sorrow, or a called meeting for the purpose of installing officers.
  3. No degrees will be conducted until further proclamation from the Grand Master.
  4. No meals will be cooked or consumed at stated or called meetings at this time.

The Grand Master further orders that at these meetings, strict social distancing guidelines be followed, and Brethren are encouraged NOT to attend Lodge if they have any signs of illness, or do not feel comfortable attending. A copy of the April 29th proclamation can be found by clicking here.

The Grand Master has also issued two official Decisions relating to the public health pandemic. Decision No. 1 (whereby the G.M. is authorized to suspend all Masonic activities within the state) is linked here, while Decision No. 2 authorizes Brethren to continue to study their esoteric work by telephone ONLY (and is linked here).

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