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Teachers Breakfast – Good Time Had by All!

The Teachers Breakfast Showing our Support for Public Education.

The teacher’s breakfast was a big hit with these hard working folks this year!   The morning starts early for them – 1st class begins at 7:20AM.   We arrived at 6AM and got everything ready – 100 tacos, boxes of donuts, milk, juices and plenty of coffee!

Here’s there response:


From: Jameson, Kathleen
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2014 3:57 PM
To: Roberts, Kevin
Subject: Four Great Men Made Our Day!

Hey Kevin,

OMG, the breakfast was so fantastic this a.m.  It was truly outstanding. The guys from the lodge were just so sweet to everyone, and the staff went crazy over the breakfast.  J  They brought so many things that even Elsik teachers that are housed in the annex joined in because they saw plates going down the hall, ha!  J  I cannot say thank you enough for having the guys come here.  We loved having them, and it was just so out of the ordinary for us.

I am sorry that this note is at the end of the day, but the place was hopping like crazy.

Please tell George, Dan, David and Kleber that a big hit they were with our group.  Breakfast tacos, fruit, milk,  juices, doughnuts, and Starbucks coffee, plus the opportunity to engage in conversation with four really nice men was heaven for us!

Give my love to Beth, Kelsey, and Andrew, and you, too!  Thank you again for caring to share this lovely experience with us.  We owe you!


Kathleen Jameson
Program Director


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