Houston Masonic Library

The Houston Masonic Library & Museum Foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving & promoting Masonry’s contributions to our great state. Our mission is not only to assist in the good works of Freemasonry, but to shine bright a light on the good things the fraternity has done in the past and is doing today.  Projects include:


The Mozart Hammond Scholarship Fund continues the legacy of the two great Houston maestros Clarence & Mozart Hammond.  HMLMF awards five to seven Mozart Hammond Music scholarships each year in December.  Auditions are held in the Fall.     The award provides funds for the talented recipient to receive additional music training in their chosen specialty.




Back in  2011, the Houston Masonic Library & Museum began helping  Care Coordination department at  the Shriner Hospital for Children – Houston with  a special need they had for their littler patients.  Transporting the patients to and from surgery and treatments was especially difficult for some cases.   Standard wheel chairs were often to big and completely inappropriate for those in body casts from hip surgery.

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