The Gray Honor is an award created and designed to be given to Masons who have contributed above and beyond their normal obligations to Freemasonry and Gray Lodge in particular. The design was very carefully chosen and created with various aspects and symbolism of Freemasonry in mind.

There are a few rules to the Gray Honor and only two ways to receive it. A maximum of two Gray Honors can be given a year; One to the A.S. Richardson Lecturer and the other is given at the last stated meeting of the Masonic year.

The Gray Honor that is given at the A.S. Richardson lecture is given for the lecturer’s contribution of Masonic Education to Freemasonry and Gray Lodge in particular.

The Gray Honor that is given at the June stated meeting has more rules that apply. This award is chosen only by the Worshipful Master of the Lodge, not by a committee or even a vote of the lodge.

Rule #1: The Master cannot discuss who gets the Gray Honor with anyone. That means no asking for advice, not even from the secretary. The Master will tell the secretary the day of the stated meeting whose name to put on the certificate. This is an award that is chosen by the Master of the Lodge – not the lodge at large.

Rule #2: It cannot be given to some who has already received it (A.S. Richardson Lecturers excluded).

Rule #3: The point of the Award is essentially the “Mason of the Year” award. This means the award should go to someone who made the Masters’ year easy, or the Mason whom he could not have done his year without. Someone who stuck out above the crowd. This can include anyone from an officer, to a PM, to a regular Mason as long as they are a member of the lodge who has gone above and beyond their normal duty.

Rule #4: See rules #1 & #3.