Gray Honor Award

The Gray Honor is an award created and designed to be given to Masons who have contributed above and beyond their normal obligations to Freemasonry, and to Gray Lodge in particular. The design was very carefully chosen and created with various aspects and symbolism of Freemasonry in mind.

The award is the Gray Lodge logo suspended from a red ribbon. The logo is a five-pointed star, with each extension of the star having two colors, red and white. The star is encompassed by a gray circle with the words “Gray Lodge #329” in Gold. In the center of the star, there is a large blue dot with a gold square and compasses and the letter G. The five-pointed star alludes to the five points of fellowship; the gray circle and the blue dot represent the “point within the circle”. The square and compasses represent the Craft, while the colors all have a specific meaning. The red represents our lineage to the Ancient Grand Lodge. The white represents the purity of heart as well as the white leather apron. The Gold represents the value of the precious medal. The blue represents the Blue (or Craft) Lodge, while the gray represents our own lodge, Gray No 329.

Gray Honor Recipients

2004: Randall Slinkard, PM
2005: Jack Green, PM
2006: Randon Reaves, PM
2007: John Minniece, PM
2008: Charles W. Boggess, PM
2009: David Vukovic
2010: Bill Bradford
2011: Roberto M. Sanchez, PM
2012: (Name removed at recipient’s request)
2013: Billy Moreno
2014: Doug Hissong
2015: Darrin Pitts, PM
2016: N/A
2017: Chuck Mitchell
2018: Erickson Ybarra
2019: Todd Smith