Bro. Thomas W. Rogers, 1943 – 2019

Tom Rogers

Brother Thomas Wayne Rogers, 75, of Frederickburg, Texas passed away on Saturday, February 23rd.

Tom was born on June 16, 1943 in Houston, Texas, the son of Sidney Jack Rogers and Reedie (Jones) Rogers, later Reedie Miller. He married Florence (Crenwelge) Rogers in Madisonville, Texas on January 27, 1973.

Tom had many vocations over his life. He fondly remembered his time as an employee of the Texas Department of Corrections. Afterwards, he spent the rest of his career selling oilfield equipment. After retiring, he rededicated himself to the Masonic Lodge. In recent years, you could find him criss-crossing the state of Texas helping men progress through the degrees of freemasonry. Tom loved Valentine, Texas where he grew up. He would visit often to reminisce and fill his jugs with Valentine water which could cure any ailment. He enjoyed playing dominos with friends and online.

Tom is survived by his wife of 46 years, Florence (Crenwelge) Rogers of Fredericksburg. Also, one daughter, two sons, and spouses including Tauny Lynne (Rogers) Harlien and husband Matt of Sandia, Texas; Tim Rogers of Houston, Texas; and Sidney (Rogers) Crenwelge and wife Katherine of Eugene, Oregon. Survivors also include his sister Mary Lynne (Rogers) Reebel; his grandchildren Jennifer Layton, Jessica Harlien, Madison Harlien, Lexi Rogers, Lucy Crenwelge, Alice Crenwelge and Charlie Crenwelge; and two great-grandchildren Brylee Layton and Jessie Layton. He was preceded in death by his parents and his step-father Hubert T. Miller.

In addition to his long-standing affiliation and unofficial “Lodge Instructor Emeritus” status with Gray Lodge #329, Bro. Tom was Past Master of Fredericksburg Masonic Lodge #794.

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