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    Master’s Club


    All Gray Lodge members are encouraged to support their lodge by joining the Master’s Club, and donating the amount of one year’s dues ($175) to the Lodge, in addition to their regular dues or Endowed, Life or 50-Year Memberships. The Club provides extra income to the lodge to be spent at the Master’s discretion, but only to benefit of the Lodge (and to show appreciation for Master’s Club members). If you join the Master’s club, WM Wiener will recognize you at an upcoming Stated Meeting and present you with a special lapel pin, in appreciation of your extra support of Gray Lodge.

    Members can either make their entire donation at once, or can donate by the month.

  • Meal Donation


    Donations via PayPal for Stated/Called Meeting dinners

  • Building Fund Donation

  • Humphrey Benevolent Fund Donation

    In 1929, Brother and Gray Lodge member W. S. Humphrey bequeathed his estate to Gray Lodge #329 as an endowment for charitable purposes, known as the Humphrey Benevolent Fund.

    Since that time, the Humphrey Benevolent Fund has been dedicated to relieve the distresses of Gray Lodge brethren as well as the wives, widows, mothers, sisters and daughters of said Lodge membership. In addition, the Fund may be used for such Community Charity Projects.

    In recent years, the Humphrey Benevolent Fund has assisted Brethren who were displaced by flooding in Houston, including during Hurricane Harvey.

    You can support the work of the Humphrey Benevolent Fund by contributing to the Humphrey endowment.

  • Ahrendt Scholarship Fund Donation

    The Frank E. Ahrendt Scholarship Fund was established by Gray Lodge in 1984. The Fund is established to encourage scholastic excellence in vocations or professions which will benefit the community in general, and enhance the image of Masonry in the eyes of the uninitiated.

    You can support the work of the Scholarship Fund by contributing to its endowment.