The Golden Trowel, established by the Grand Lodge of Texas in 1988, is a special award to honor any living member of a Texas Lodge who has consistently demonstrated outstanding and exemplary Masonic and community service to his Lodge.

While initially, the award was primarily intended to honor Masons who had not served as Lodge Officers, any Officer remains eligible; indeed, Golden Trowel recipients are frequently Past Masters of their Lodges. To be considered, three Past Masters of the respective Lodge must nominate the Brother, and the Lodge must approve the nomination.

A Lodge may, at its discretion, present up to two Golden Trowel Awards per year; but is not required to present the honor to anyone in any given year.

1990Tony O. Hernandez2008Ian Russell Martin
1990Marion Henry Moore2009Frederick M. Larsen
1991George W. Evans2010Charles W. Boggess
1993Siegmund Isakson2011Allen L. Pitts, Jr.
1994T. Earl Long2012Jerry K. Atkins
1996Kenneth K. Kirkpatrick2013Charles “Butch” Boggess
1997Sotirios “Ted” Apostolis2014Randall K. Slinkard
2001V. Jay Cazier, Jr.2015Darrin I. Pitts
2003Albert C. Tircuit, Sr.2017Roberto M. Sanchez
2005R. Shearn Smith2022Doug W. Hissong
2006Charles Edward Percy2023David A. Pupo
2007J. L. “Jack” Green