1883-RhodeBW copy
13th Master, 1883-1884

Fritz Rohde was born March 5, 1845, in Prussia, the son of Anton and Christine Rohde. His father, a brewer by trade, came to Houston in 1848 and worked as a day laborer. By 1853 he had saved enough to bring his wife and two children to Texas. Fritz Rohde was eight years old when he came to Houston and at the age of 13 he began learning to be a butcher under Henry Schultz. During the Civil War he served two years with the Home Guard and then resumed his work as a butcher. After two years he opened his own butcher shop in the old Market House.

In 1867 he married Miss Mary Froem of Houston and they had four children: Tena, deceased, and three sons, John, William and Joseph, who grew up and became associated with their father in the business. Fritz Rohde was successful in business and acquired a reputation second to none for honesty and fair dealing.

He received his Craft Degrees in Gray Lodge in 1871: 1º April 10, 2º May 9 and 3º July 7. He was a York Rite Mason and Grand Steward of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas in 1876-77 and again from 1891 to 1893.   He was knighted in Ruthven Commandery No.2 on April 14, 1884. He died December 20, 1911, and was buried in Glenwood with Masonic honors by Gray Lodge.