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11th Master, 1881-1883

W. A. Carrington was born April 30, 1919 at Longwood Prince Edwards County, Virginia. He affiliated with Gray Lodge on July 17, 1878 upon a demit from Orphans Friend Lodge No. 17 at Anderson, Texas. He had received his degrees in Orphans Friend Lodge in 1875: 1º August 22, 2º September 20 and 3º October 24.

He was a lawyer and Dr. S. O. Young lists him among the distinguished lawyers of Houston after the Civil War.

He was a York Rite Mason: and was Knighted in Ruthven Commandery No.2, K. T., on November 28, 1879.

He served on a Grand Lodge Committee on Lodges of Sorrow in 1880-81.

W. A. Carrington died July 14th. 1892 at Walden’s Ridge Tennessee and his death was announced at a meeting of Gray Lodge on August 17, 1892. He is interred in Glenwood Cemetery.