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GM Paul Underwood’s Memo Regarding Masonic Gatherings

M:W: Paul Underwood, Grand Master of Masons in Texas, has released an order and opinion regarding Masonic gatherings. The key sections are copied below, but the entire letter (in PDF format) can be downloaded from the Member Portal on the Grand Lodge of Texas website

“Since the onset of the COVD-19 pandemic, Masons across Texas have expressed their concerns to me about the virus and have asked whether it is safe for the Craft to continue to meet in our lodgerooms and congregate for special events. It has been my position and that of the Grand Lodge of Texas that we be guided by the directives of the federal, state, and local public health authorities which are combating COVD-19 and which are charged with our safety and that of our fellow citizens. …

“[I]t is my order that all gatherings of Texas Masons which are anticipated to exceed fifty in number, including the scheduled Grand Master’s Conferences, are hereby cancelled. To the extent possible, in light of future developments and the advice of public health authorities, the events may be rescheduled.

“It is important for Texas Masons to be aware that this order is not intended as a blanket suspension of Masonic activity. I do not encourage lodges to meet during this period of national and statewide emergency, but I do not prohibit them from doing so if, in the discretion of the officers and members of the lodge, such a meeting is in the interest of the lodge and, most importantly, does not pose a risk to the health of those attending. No Mason should attend any Masonic function in which his health or the health of others is placed at risk. …

“In every case, Masons should adhere strictly to the hygiene practices recommended by public health officials. Be careful, wash your hands, refrain from shaking hands, and stay home if you are not feeling well.”

As of March 16, Gray Lodge #329 has NOT suspended Masonic activities taking place within our Lodge room. We will update the membership should the situation change.

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